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 About Storm Point Pack

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PostSubject: About Storm Point Pack   About Storm Point Pack EmptyThu Nov 24, 2011 10:16 pm

About the Pack:
We are a pack whom has a (leisurely) focus on a variety of things; roleplaying, contests, activities, events, and wolves. A more serious focus is building a strong sense of community amongst the pack forums and within the pack. The WolfQuest forums can be overwhelming at times with the people who come and go, and the goal of this pack is to offer a place where WolfQuest users can join and get to know each other better in a more private and enclosed setting. We do not care how long you have been on WolfQuest nor your level of experience; we cordially invite you to join and immerse yourself in a smaller community.

Storm Point Pack is based off Storm Point in Yellowstone National Park. All of our current location in our roleplay boards are additionally based off real Yellowstone locations.

About myself as a leader:
Its hard to say. I can either be lenient or strict; it depends on certain issues. I do know that when the pack gets rolling, likely I will not be in charge of every single thing. My ultimate goal is for the members be able to run by themselves, so to speak, and create a member-oriented community in which members decide what happens in the future without my supervision needed.

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About Storm Point Pack
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